YG and Kehlani Drop A Valentine’s Day Gift “Konclusions”

by Raheem Karim
YG Kehlani
YG Kehlani

YG’s “Konclusions” [ft. Kehlani] (Def Jam Recordings)

YG and Kehlani Collaborate On New Song “Konclusions”

YG and Kehlani have been heavily involved for nearly five months when the confirmed their relationship status. The couple delivered a Valentine’s Day gift for fans dropping a new single “Konclusions.”

The track uses a sample of Tupac’s “Hail Mary” with YG rapping (“Is you really gon’ get my name tat’? / Top of the mornin’, you throw that thang back / I love how you keep that thang waxed / Ayy, I wanna know if this mutual.”) Kehlani’s singing on the chorus (“When I say I love you (Love you) / That means I love you / No matter what conclusion we come to / I’m the one you run to / And I always come through / Nothing I won’t do / You say you want a ride-or-die.”)

YG and Kehlani relationship has been on roller coaster ride since December leaving fans wondering if they were still a couple. Rumors swirled the couple broke up because of YG allegedly cheating.


Earlier this week Kehlani dropped a video for “All Me” and “Change Your Life.” She also appears on Justin Bieber’s Changes. Also she recently was announced as a part of Justin Bieber’s Changes tour set to include Jaden Smith. YG’s most recent album 4REAL 4REAL dropped in 2019. For more information about tickets for the Changes tour click here.

Listen to the new YG and Kehlani song “Konclusions” below.

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