About Us

by Raheem Karim

Our Story

As music lovers and product of the golden era of hip hop we were fed up with the lack of balance on the radio and music television. Not only that, some of the most prominent urban web magazines promoted negative images of African Americans and focused on the industry rumors.

In 2013 we started a movement. Our own web magazine featuring unsigned and undiscovered talent. Also focusing more on the music and artist development, than the gossip.

Music Life Social is the one-stop website to check out album reviews, exclusive interviews and mixtapes from emerging artists in both the mainstream and underground music scene from all genres. We are theplatform for breaking new artists as well as helping entrepreneurs, film makers, and social issues gain media exposure.

Unlike other entertainment websites Music Life Social takes a in-depth look into the artist themselves and their creative process. We dive into the “how” and “why”. We do not focus on negative rumors and tabloid headlines.

Our editoral section shares news and issues happening in local communities and globally ranging, from politics, education, social
activism, human rights, and community service. Music Life Social takes a inside look of various cultures unique perspective dealing with certain issues and how it affects society as a whole.

Music Life Social overall mission is to be a positive impact in the world of entertainment and to bring social issues to the forefront of the media.