by Raheem Karim

Raheem Karim

Raheem Karim – Co-founder | Writer | Web Developer

My passion for music started at a very young age. Hip Hop music has become the soundtrack of my life. Over the years I have expanded my musical taste listening to jazz, house, rock, etc. I graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta and American Intercontinental University with a degree in Visual Communications. What I love about this job is meeting the people behind the music.

Rafeal Crawford

Rafeal Crawford – Co-founder – Writer – Marketing Strategist

I consider myself a music connoisseur and a collector of great music over the years. I am a graduate of Westwood College and I teach early childhood education. Meeting the artist that I listen to or finding new talent makes this one of the best jobs in world.


Carlton Young aka CJ – Videographer

Coming from an artistic upbringing Carlton has enjoyed a life full of change, adaptation and new discoveries. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the last of three children, in which he is the youngest in the family by 20 years. He has had success in the fields of filmmaking, photography and freelance writing. At the age of thirteen Carlton discovered his talent for seeing past the small details and realizing the big picture in his creative development. He is a jack of many trades. He took a leap of faith after College. Graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking Practices, he started his own small production company YoungUrban Productions. He signified his approach by editing, and shooting video projects for upcoming musical and visual artists in Phoenix, Arizona. The income that came in was not enough to keep him from getting into the workforce after six months fresh out of school.

His goals however, still remained in-tact. He faced adversity, and learned the hard way but achieved mild success in sales and business development over the past four years. After moving to Atlanta, GA in October of 2015, he began to self-develop a plan to network and start freelance photography in the area of underground hip hop, artistry and entrepreneurship conferences. He worked with StartUp Grind ATL and created video content for the campaign in Atlanta during April of 2016. He worked several networking events for independent organizations such as Beyond.The.Steps. And Successful Black Entrepreneurs. In May 2016, he linked up with Music Life Social, after running into counterpart Rafael Crawford at the El bar on Ponce in Midtown months earlier. He followed his guiding light towards success by calling Raheem Karim and getting involved with MLS on several projects they started working on during the Summer of 2016. Carlton has began developing his creative photography lane to capture moments in time through on site interviews, concerts, and town-hall meetings centered around the lifestyle of millenias in Metro Atlanta. His goal is to create and develop a documentary based on the Atlanta gentrification project, and the drastic landscape changes of the west side of the city. His heart and soul is left on every edit, and he wants to make a difference for those that come after him who want their dreams to come true as his has today.

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