Watch: The Black Panthers New Documentary Set To Be Released In Theaters (Official Trailer)

by Raheem Karim

There have been movies made in the past about The Black Panther Party but nothing to that goes into depth. The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, is a new feature-length documentary aiming to make the movement more visible for today’s generation. The movement remains misunderstood, and misrepresented. The Black Panther Party served as a political movement for black liberation was a vital force for change and, in some cases, retaliation during the late 20th century. The Black Panther Party is still active today.

Director Stanley Nelson sheds light on the movement from archival footage and new interviews, not shying away from criticism of the Panthers when it’s warranted. In a new trailer for the doc, we see news reel clips, old photographs, and modern conversations that harken back to the days of fire hoses, and police dogs. Watch the film’s first official trailer and check out its screening schedule below.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution release schedule:

September 7 – Cambridge Film Festival – Cambridge, ENGLAND
September 8 – Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film – Chapel Hill, NC
Opens September 11* – AMC Magic Johnson Harlem – Harlem, NY
Opens September 11* – Landmark Kendall Square – Boston, MA
September 15 – Space Gallery – Portland, ME
September 16* – Charles Theater – Baltimore, MD
Opens September 18* – E Street Cinema – Washington, DC
Opens September 18* – Landmark Ritz at the Bourse – Philadelphia, PA
Opens September 18* – Charles Theatre – Baltimore, MD
Opens September 18 – Webster Film Series – St. Louis, MO
Opens September 18 – Northwest Film Forum – Seattle, WA
Opens September 18CCA Santa FeSanta Fe, NMSeptember 18 – Sydney Underground Film Festival – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
September 20 – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Opens September 25* – Landmark Nuart – Los Angeles, CA
Opens September 25* – Gene Siskel Film Center – Chicago, IL
Opens September 25 – O Cinema Wynwood – Miami, FL
Opens September 25 – Digital Gym Cinema – San Diego, CA
September 28* – Milwaukee, WI – September 30
Marchesa Hall & Theater – Austin, TX
October 2* – Landmark Opera Plaza – San Francisco, CA
October 2* – Piedmont Theatre – Oakland, CA
October 2* – Shattuck Cinemas – Berkeley, CA
October 2* – Smith Rafael Film Center – San Rafael, CA
October 5 – Milwaukee Film Festival – Milwaukee, WI
October 8 – Hollywood Theatre – Portland, OR
Opens October 9 – Hollywood Theatre – Portland, OR
Opens October 9* – Landmark Midtown Art Cinemas – Atlanta, GA
Opens October 9 – Landmark Theatres – Minneapolis, MN
Opens October 9 – Real Art Ways – Hartford, CT
October 11* – Detroit Film Theater – Detroit, MI
November 3 – The Nickelodeon – Columbia, SC

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