Watch Official Trailer: ‘The Amazing Nina Simone’ Documentary

by Raheem Karim

The documentary The Amazing Nina Simone will be released in theaters October 23, in select cities. Director Jeff Lieberman and promises to be an even deeper exploration of the jazz and her career, compiling interviews with over 60 musicians, friends and family, working with Simone’s surviving brothers on the film
See the trailer for The Amazing Nina Simone ahead of its limited October 16th, release in NYC and LA below along with the full list of theaters that will be treated to screenings across the nation.

Theaters screening The Amazing Nina Simone as of October 23:

Chicago @ Gene Siskel Film Center
Madison @ Sundance Cinema
Houston @Sundance Cinema
Philadelphia @ AMC Cherry Hill
New Orleans @ AMC Elmwood Palace
Atlanta @ AMC Phipps Plaza
Washington DC @ AMC Georgetown
Berkeley @ Rialto Cinemas
Palm Desert @ Cinema Palme D’or
Dallas @ AMC Valley View

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