Watch ‘Not Afraid,’ A New Documentary On Shady Records ft. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Royce Da 5’9

by Raheem Karim
Dr_dre and Eminem

Eminem’s creative partnership with Dr. Dre is explored through the documentary Not Afraid produced by Complex. The documentary details Eminem experience as an Aftermath artist, his Shady label introducing the world to 50 Cent and Detroit group D12, and currently boasts a roster that includes Royce da 5’9 and many other dope MCs and producers. The label was founded in 1999 by both Eminem and his attorney, Paul Rosenberg and now.

Eminem explains, inspired by his experience rocking open mic nights in Detroit. “You had one shot to get a reaction out of this crowd. Add to be able to even have an opportunity for someone want to hand you the mic again next week, that was a survival mode for me,” Eminem says. “Our whole brand was built off speaking our minds..but also perk ears up, say things that maybe the next rapper might not say.”

Over the the last 16 years Shady Records is very much part of Hip-Hop. It has always represented quality work and unafraid of speaking your mind. Shady records consist of various artist that has mastered the craft emcee.

Watch the entire documentary below.

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