U.K. Hip Hop Group Summers Sons & C Tappin Release Debut Album “Uhuru”

by Raheem Karim
Summers Sons & C Tappin

Summers Sons & C Tappin

U.K. Hip Hop group Summers Sons & C Tappin Release Debut “Uhuru”

The U.K. Hip Hop group Summers Sons & C.Tappin released their debut album “Uhuru”. The group states the album has been three years in the making starting back in 2015 and was inspired by the people and places of Tanzania.

The group is a collective of members Summers Sons are Turt (rap) & Slim (beats) who are actually brothers. They are longtime friends with vocalist and pianist C.Tappin. Their music can be described as rap with a lot of jazz. We like to call it cool bap.

The album is cool, laid back jazzy Hip Hop, something you can mellow out too. The production is very on point and a break from the norm. All of the tracks were produced and mixed by Slim. The keys were performed by C.Tappin. British Hip Hop culture is more experimental and has a more broad-ranging approach.


Summer Sons sound like they are giving their testimony about life in their shoes. They really paint vivid picture about working a minimum wage job and their frustrations, but at the end of the day still pursuing their dreams on the record “Love”.

Uhuru is 26 tracks 12 of the tracks are actually songs with the lyrics and the other 12 are the instrumentals. Support the album by making a purchase at www.bandcamp.com. You can also stream Summers Sons & C Tappin debut album “Uhuru” below for your listening pleasure.

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