Transformers Franchise Has 3 Sequels In The Works

by Rafeal Crawford
Transformers 5

The Transformers franchise is not slowing down anytime soon. Hasbro Chairman, President and CEO Brian Goldner announced new details about the next three films at the New York Toy Fair.

Paramount studios announced release dates for three more sequels of the Transformers franchise. Transformers 5 would be released on June 23,2017, – the same date already selected by Warner Bros. for “Wonder Woman.” “Transformers 6” has been slotted for June 8, 2018, which would  set  up against Godzilla 2 from Warner Bros. and Legendary. “Transformers 7” has been scheduled for June 28, 2019. It’s the first title to land on the date.

The Hasbro CEO confirmed that Michael Bay will direct “Transformers 5” with Mark Wahlberg returning to star. He also said that “Transformers 6” will tell the “never before heard” story of the Bumblebee character from Hasbro’s Transformers universe. Director Michael Bay said in January that he would return to direct the fifth installment in Paramount’s “Transformers” franchise.

The four films that Bay has directed grossed over $3.7 billion worldwide and are based on Hasbro’s toy line. Shia LaBeouf starred in the first three films.


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