Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Suit Reinvented For 60th Birthday

by Raheem Karim
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Hugo Boss Celebrates Michael Jackson’s 60th Birthday With Reinvention of ‘Thriller’ Suit

The King of Pop the legendary Michael Jackson would have been celebrating his 60th Birthday today. In honor of that birthday, Hugo Boss, the German label behind the white suit that Mr. Jackson wore on the cover of “Thriller,” the 1982 album that is one of the best-selling records of all time, is updating and reissuing the suit.

Thriller was the best selling album of all time at 33x platinum until The Eagles just recently broke the record. Michael Jackson was a musically genius as trendsetter for his visually cinema type music videos and also vocally. Jackson died in 2009 but he left a his impression on the world in terms of music and fashion.


Michael was known to make fashion statements in the 1980s’ especially the red jacket with all the zippers and rhime stone black glove he wore in the Beat It video. Every kid wanted that jacket and glove.

Through all the sparkly, the gem-encrusted shirts and socks, the motorcycle and military jackets embellished with gleaming hardware and ribbons, the white suit stands out the most.

The new version of the suit has a narrower silhouette (a more modern look), but it still has two pleats on the pants and three mother-of-pearl buttons on the jacket cuffs. The suit is shown with a white t-shirt even thought Jackson wore a black button down. Only 100 are being made; each suit is numbered and will sell for $1,195.

Hugo Boss is not known for going outside of the box in terms of fashion, so this is a surprise.

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