Slick Rick’s 1988 Classic Song Children’s Story To Become A Children’s Book

by Rafeal Crawford

Legendary MC Slick Rick released his critically acclaimed album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in 1988, and on that album was the classic song Children’s Story. Well,  Def Jam and Get on Down have teamed up to make one of the most iconic songs into a children’s book. The book is titled “The Great Adventure of Slick Rick…Children’s Book”, which will be released on April 22nd also Record Store Day. The book will be accompanied along with a CD copy of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick and 7 inch copy of the title track.

Even though it is titled a children’s book I think the book for the avid music fan that is over the age of 18, so for all you Hip Hop heads out there go to your local record store and buy The Great Adventures of Slick Rick…Children’s Book and support the culture.

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