Seattle’s Falon Sierra Is Transforming Music With Her Eclectic R&B Sound

by Raheem Karim


Falon Sierra is Changing The Game With A New Electro Soul Sound

Seattle-based R&B singer Falon Sierra is pushing the envelope in R&B blending eclectic electro soul, and experimental sounds. The writer, producer songbird seems like a free spirit based on her freedom of expression without biting her tongue. She is a self described tomboy who enjoys walks on Seattle’s famous space needle. Falon Sierra is a dose of reality, exactly what R&B music needs right now with a different vibe. This not your typical R&B artist singing over trap beats.

Sierra’s latest album Damaged By System, is about self empowerment and craving out a name for herself. Throughout the album she addresses the ups and down in life. This is evident on the track Dark Room as she sings with her sultry vocals “Life is hella hard, swiping the cards.” “I just want to be alone, will I make it” “I don’t know.”

The opening track What’s wrong is my favorite as she sings over a piano heavy synths, I want to be adored more/ Trippin over your love/ forward on my forehead in the sky I don’t want to rewind.”


The last track on the album Let Them [Sleep On You] is so raw and probably hits home for the majority of artists trying to crave out a space to recognized. Sierra addresses the issue of being noticed for her talent in her city of Seattle and the daily struggle of being recognized as a gifted artist.

Sierra Falon is pushing R&B music to new level with experimental electro soul. I suggest you support a sister by purchasing her new album Damaged By System on You can also stream the album below. This is her 7th release and we will looking for more. It is just a matter of time before she blows up.

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