On The Rise: The LVRDS Drop Fire ‘Boolin Coolin’

by Raheem Karim
The LVRDS boolin coolin

The LVRDS boolin coolin

The LVRDS Is Next Up With Fire ‘Boolin Coolin’

Southside Atlanta rap group The LVRDS pronounced The Lords is taking the Atlanta rap scene by storm.  The group consist of 3 members LVRD Pharoh, LVRD Cassius, and LVRD Horus.  It is not hard to tell that Future and The Migos may have influenced their style, but don’t get it twisted these dudes have flow and their own swag.

There are numerous rap groups that pop up in Atlanta but The LVRDS stand out with their catchy hit ‘Boolin Coolin‘.  The beat is infectious and the flow is on point.  It was one line that caught my attention and I had to rewind,

Quarterback vision my nigga / I been had the motion /  Stayed in the pocket 1, 2 / Wnenever you see the glitz / You got your water from Flint / We keep that water get drench / You in a squeeze like pinch.

This idea that the next generation of southern rappers don’t have lyrics is false.  The LVRDS are proving they are more than simple lyrics on a beat.


They have another banger ‘Goyard Bag’ produced by Frigid.  One of the stand out lines,

Pull yo bitch like a wisdom tooth.

The LVRDS are performing live at this years A3C 2019 so go check them out.  For more info click here.

We will definitely keep you posted when their album drops but for now I would keep The LVRDS in steady rotation.

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