OPINION: Bernie Sanders Stays In Race, A Selfish Move

by Raheem Karim
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Has Made The Race About Himself, Not Defeating Trump

Yesterday Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders vowed to fight and stay in the race against opponent Joe Biden.
The Vermont Senator has took a beating in the last two Super Tuesday races. Biden has strengthened his grasp on the Democratic nomination with huge wins Tuesday that could make it almost impossible for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to catch him in the Delegate count.

The former Vice President Biden won big on Super Tuesday carrying NC, VA, TX, TN, OK, MA, SC as African American voters through their support behind him.

Biden grew his lead on Super Tuesday 2.O notching key victories in Michigan while also winning in Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. Other Presidential hopefuls who either dropped out of the race before Super Tuesday or after have already put their support behind Biden.

Barring any dramatic developments, Biden is favored to carry large states such as Florida, Illinois and Ohio, which will vote Tuesday, and Georgia on March 24.

The so called radical socialist Bernie Sanders base is made up of young voters and African Americans have yet to show up at the polls or either switch their support. Michigan exit polls show 6 out 10 voters agree with Sanders policies but not electability.

“While our campaign has won the ideological debate, we are losing the debate over electability,” Sanders said in brief remarks from his home state of Vermont.

Sanders’s also signaled that he will seek to push Biden on issues of importance to his supporters. During his remarks Wednesday, Sanders ticked off a long list of issues on which he suggested he’d like to see bolder approaches from Biden such as climate change, criminal-justice reform, immigration, childhood poverty, homelessness and campaign finance reform.


At this point Bernie Sanders is being selfish, thinking about his self and not the voters. At the beginning of the campaign season and throughout each candidate stated the ultimate goal is defeat Donald Trump.

I question Bernie’s tactics after Biden has built a large coalition with major endorsement from former rivals.

Wake up Bernie the voters have spoken, while your policies may be good ideas we want a candidate that can beat Trump. By staying in the race plays right into the Republicans hands by dividing the Democratic Party. This is what happened in 2016 as your supporters did not back Hillary Clinton, as they either stayed home or voted for Trump.

Exit polls show Biden has problem attracting young voters which is your base, but instead of pushing young voters away from Biden you should be bridging the gap.

Bernie I don’t question your heart but your not listening to the voters. If the voters thought you could beat Trump they would vote for you. So I ask do you really have the voters best interest at heart or just yourself?

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