Killer Mike Denies Rumors Of Being A Paid Supporter By The Sanders Campaign

by Raheem Karim
Killer Mike

Killer Mike

Social Media Users Accuse Killer Mike Of Being A Paid Bernie Sanders Supporter

Rapper / Activist Killer Mike has been a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter since 2016 when Sanders first ran for President. He has made it no secret he supports Bernie’s ideas and socialist movement.

Not everyone agrees with the views of the Vermont Senator and other White House hopefuls. Monday this difference of opinions led to a public feud between Public Enemy members Chuck D and Flavor Flav. In the end Chuck D kicked Flav out of the group.


Atlanta-based emcee Killer Mike posted a tweet on Monday that shouted out PE’s Chuck D and The Coup’s Boots Riley for backing the Democratic candidate Sanders.

“If I’m a regular every day black person in America and @BootsRiley @MrChuckD & @KillerMike all agree on the same Presidental candidate Umma really have to consider that candidate because these three in music and real life action really give a damn. #Sanders2020 #Vote,” tweeted Mike.

This opened up the door for other social media users to accuse the emcee of being a paid Bernie Sanders supporter. From a personal standpoint I seriously doubt Mike is being paid. I think he is standing up for his own beliefs

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