On The Rise: Singer Si’Yir Royale Is Making Her Way To The Pantheon Of R&B Singers

by Raheem Karim
Singer Si'Yir Royale

Singer Si'Yir Royale

Si’Yir Royale Is Not Your Average R&B Singer

Oklahoma native singer/songwriter Si’Yir Royale is putting the state on her back as she is no stranger to the spotlight. The songtress has become recognized by industry executives such as Che Vicious, VP of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music and Kiko A&R Atlantic Records/APG as an amazing vocalist.

With that being said, I had to find out for myself and they were correct.

I listened to Si’Yir Royale’s 2016 debut album HEIR and right out the box I was said to myself, “She next to blow.”

The album is like a combo platter of R&B/Soul with a touch of electro experimentation. It is very unique and not a cookie cutter trend of songs. Si’ Yir showcases her vocal range on the record “Something Different” over bass trap beat. One of my favorite records is “Full Moon” in my opinion this is a absolute hit. The beat is experimental pop with a wolf howling in the background, it fuses well with her lyrics.


Other notable tracks on the album where she really pushes the experimental envelope is “Alive”, “Morphine”, and “Darkside”. Also I have to give credit to her producer FYU-CHUR (future). He was able to mesh his production with Si’ Yir’s vocals very well and experimenting with different sounds and styles. FYU-CHUR has taken his production of outside of the creative box and has expanded a new R&B sound on this album. Ivy Carter has done a masterful job marketing Si’ Yir.

There is no question Si’Yir Royale will be on top of billboard charts soon. I suggest you put her in your rotation as she is currently working on new music. For now you can stream and make purchase of her 2016 debut album Heir on Apple Music below.

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