On The Rise: Pittsburgh’s Soulful INEZ “Voicemails And Conversations” Debut

by Raheem Karim

Voicemails And Conversations Album Cover

Pittsburgh Songstress INEZ Is On The Rise With Her Debut Album

Pittsburgh native INEZ aka FireShorty makes a big splash with her debut album Voicemail and Conversations.  I am not to familiar with soul singers from Pittsburgh, so I INEZ could be the first to put the city of the map in this genre.  She is very open about the trials and tribulations of dating on her album.

INEZ pure honesty and smooth vocals immediately got me hooked, as I listened over and over.  When I was in the dating game women expressed what they want and looking for,  INEZ expressed those same sentiments and why is it so hard to achieve.  She talks about lies and excuses men tell to avoid full relationships.  One of my favorite records Show Me INEZ ask the man to step up to the plate

Can  you be consistent, Can you be a real one for me, Can you be persistent, Can you be the man I need.  I scared and don’t want to hurt again.  I’m ready to give you chance.  I just to feel you. First I need you to show me. Show me all your flaws


This is not a man hating album put more of a woman self empowerment album voicing women’s frustrations.   The songstress keeps it 100 on N.Y.G.D. , as she speaks about just staying to herself and a man gets her out of her shell but he says I’m not ready for a relationship but we can be cool.   I can’t front I have done that a time or two, so I know what she is talking about.

INEZ is more than a vocalist she is also a songwriter, musician and audio engineer.  I am amazed at the professional quality and grade A production on her debut.   She produced majority of the tracks on the album with other  producers Pvkvsv (Tracks 6 & 11), Benji. (Track 4 & Co-Producer of Track 10), JRouz3 (Track 18 & Co-Producer of Track 19).

Stream the 21 track Voicemails And Conversations album below  and visit bandcamp.com to make a purchase.

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