On The Rise: Akinyemi Offers A Introspective Brand of Hip-Hop

by Raheem Karim

Photography by: Shutter Sazid @shuttersazid

Akinyemi Brings A Introspective Brand To The Hip Hop Landscape

Akinyemi has a heart of a lion and blood of slave and his music is a reflection of the daily human struggles, but a drive to overcome. He strays away from the materialistic type of lyrics that are common with most rappers. Instead Akinyemi focuses on inner self and self determination. The Nigerian-American, Queens-based rapper name means “fated to be a warrior” in Yoruba, a Nigerian tribe in which his family originates. Akinyemi, follows a long list of hip-hop artists out of Queens, and he immediately grabbed attention with the 2017 EP, Summers. The EP is a captivating blend of soul and hip hop, but offers a more hard edge and jazzy vibe, so its not in the same realm of your cookie cutter rappers. His lyrics are very thought provoking exploring inner self and the current state of the world on this EP. One of my favorite tracks is Asylum.


“The city is changing so is the nation / Why every single week / I hear stories of degradation / And every single streak / Is some blood of a fallen maven /Impatient to the heat / Thats involving the fornication / For the AM, is a time / That aligns with this song in mayhem / In cadence, I’m reclining / Assigning my soul to save him / What awaits him is divine intervention / The call is fading. The morning waiting / The law invasion, the haunted haven / Seeking these impressions I inflected / With the forming vacancy / So what the seasons bring to me / Is a reason that we could be / More than a lesion who’s depleted / And bleeding from your defeat / I peep the meaning as I’m reading This evening, heeding the free / Souls, bawling as the dreaming is ceased / Pleading in peace, no! / Lease closed, leaving the keys as we Released slow / Police grow…mocking alliance / Cause all they want to do is just lock us in the asylum.”

There are other gems on the album such as “Fleece”, “Dust Calling”, and “Onetime”.

In 2019 Akinyemi released a single “Seaworld,” a deep introspective journey into self-observation. The song will send you on a dreamy drift thinking about can I make through another day. Overall the track is nicely done with great production. Akinyemi also released a video for the single. Currently he is working on his debut album. To purchase his 2017 EP Summers visit www.bandcamp.com.

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