On The Rise: ATL’s Own Jaye Newton Making Waves In Hip Hop

by Raheem Karim
Jaye Newton

Jaye Newton

Jaye Newton Is Cultivating New Sounds For The ATL Music Scene

I was surfing the net looking for artist to feature for the annual A3C 2019 Festival and rapper Jaye Newton grabbed my attention immediately.  I jumped on the Atlanta product’s Soundcloud page and I could not stop rewinding his 2018 album Sunroof Season.  When I say every track is banging, I mean it.  Jaye Newton has silky, smooth sound that draws you in.  One of my favorite tracks is Selfish.  He explains how every guy has felt at one point in time about a their feelings being split between a female and other circumstances going on in life.  In the end we really want that person all to our self but it is not really conducive.   Jaye  has several records expressing his inner feelings about women and relationships that every listener can relate to.  Don’t think he is soft by any stretch of the imagination as he brings the heat on Relate, and Liquid Courage.

Fast forward to Jaye’s current album Just Pray For Me released this past September.  This is not the traditional trap rap album that we come to expect from southern rappers.  I credit the production by Bossman for going outside of the box for great blend of soulful sounds, with horns, keyboards, and organs instead of the typical drum pattern.  Jaye puts his lyrical word play on full display on the record This Life Is Crazy, easily the best record on the album.  He pulls out his playa playbook on tracks 2nite and Please Don’t Leave.  This guy maybe the Southern Slick Rick with his versatile word play.  Jay spits game and in smooth playa way that is a similar fashion but in his own unique way.


Jaye is not new to the Hip Hop scene as he has built a underground following.  Jaye Newton has opened for various artist such as Elhae, Dej Loaf, Lupe Fiasco, Jeremih & Migos while also headlining his own shows.

You can check Jaye Newton out at this years A3C Festival Bridging the GAP with Bars and Beers.  For more info click here.

Listen to Jaye Newton’s new album Pray For Me and 2018 release Sunroof Season on spotify below.

Jaye Newton on spotify

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