On The Rise: Singer/Rapper Lee Rene Is Redefining Music With His Sultry Lyrics

by Raheem Karim
Lee Rene

Lee Rene

Singer/Rapper Lee Rene Is Carving Out A New Lane In Music

In a era where most R&B singers fail to separate themselves from the pack, Lee Rene has manage to do just that.  After a successful world tour with “The Illusionist” Lee Rene branched out on his own.  The singer/ rapper born and raised in Riverside, California product displayed his talent on his critically acclaimed album Drunk Feelings in 2017.  After a through listen to his album the multi-instrumentalist Lee Rene is redefining R&B music with word play.  He reminds me of Anderson Paak, not as in his voice, but his lyrics.  Lee is like a seductive pimp with words.  He is very bold, straight to the point, but smooth and sultry.  For example the record Better Lee states,

I’m better than your boyfriend, that shit is so easy / that nigga is so annoying/ just leave him and be with me / all you gotta do is look’em in the eye and say fuck you nigga / I got somebody else that make me feel so good.

Lee says all the things you may not have the courage to say, but he makes it sound so good ladies will find it intriguing and appealing.  One of  my favorite tracks is Fingers Down My Spine.  The record has very funky party vibe. Overall the the album is dope; with good quality production.  I seriously doubt you will skip any tracks.

Lee just dropped his new single So Ready available on most major streaming platforms.  I suggest you listen to this new up and coming artist and put him in your rotation.  Take a listen to few tracks from Lee Rene below from his Drunk Feelings album and his new record So Ready.


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