DJ Rasta Root Tribute To J Dilla “The Rest Of DILLA” Vol.1 Mix Listen Here

by Rafeal Crawford
J Dilla

DJ Rasta Root is set to release “The Rest of Dilla” Vol. 1 today. Dj Rasta Root says that this mix was a long time in the making. ‘I didn’t want to do a Dilla mix just because he had passed away. I always seem to include a Slum [Village] or Dilla produced track in my dj sets, so I felt like it was time to put all my favorite tracks on one disc that I would listen to. It just so happens that I am able to share that with the world.” Roots also speaks about what can be expected on the mix, “I feel like my strength is mixing and blending, so that what you will get….one seamless blend from start to finish… gimmicks, no talking….just DILLA”. Roots teams up with Eric9, an artist that has been doing his thing for a minute, to conceptualize the cover art. “Dj Rasta Root is part of my weekly ritual. I download the pod-cast of his weekly show Classic Example every Sunday and never miss his “Face Off Fridays” event @ MJQs here in Atlanta. So when I heard he was looking for cover art for a “Dilla” project, I jumped on it. This particular piece was inspired by the title ” The Rest of Dilla”, which hints there’s something missing, like there’s more to come. I wanted to paint something that seemed incomplete to complement the concept. Rasta Root and I have already started to collaborate on other projects, so keep an ear n eye out!” “The Rest of Dilla” is for the fan of one of our greatest producers, James Yancey. plain and simple.

1.Jay Dilla ft. Lil Fame – Bloodsport
2.Jay Dilla ft. Guilty Simpson – Baby
3. Slum Village – Look of Love (Remix)
4.Jay Dilla ft. Common & D’Angelo – So Far To Go
5. Jay Dilla ft. Truth Hurts – Ghetto Love
6.Slum Village ft. Jazzy Jeff – I Don’t Know
7.Slum Village – Untitled (Fantastic)
8.De La Soul ft. Yummy Bingham– Much More
9.Jay Dilla ft. Phat Kat – Digi Dirt
10. Jay Dilla – Don’t Say A Word
11. Slum Village – Fall n Love
12. Slum Village – Fall n Love (Remix)
13. Slum Village – Players
14. Slum Village – What Love Is
15. Jay Dilla – Lalala
16. Slum Village – Yes Ya’ll Part 2
17. Jay Dilla – Won’t Do
18. Slum Village – Climax
19. Slum Village – Conant Gardens
20. Common ft. Slum Village – Thelonius
21. Jay Dilla ft. Ta’Raach – Say It!
22. Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
23. A Tribe Called Quest – Find a Way
24.Slum Village – Raise It Up
25. Slum Village ft. Q-Tip – Hold Tight
26. Phat Kat – Don’t Nobody Care About Us
27. Slum Village – 2U4U
28. Slum Village – Get Dis Money
29. Jay Dilla ft. Pharoah Monch – Love
30. Steve Spacek – Dollar$

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