Dave Chappelle Will Narrate T.I.’s Dime Trap Album

by Rafeal Crawford
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Dave Chappelle Will Narrate T.I.'s Dime Trap Album

T.I. recruits Dave Chappelle for Dime Trap

Rapper and activist T.I. will be releasing is tenth studio album titled Dime Trap. The self-proclaimed inventor of trap music announced Dime Trap album will have coinciding singles Wraith and Jefe. T.I. also revealed via Instragram that comedian Dave Chappelle will narrate the Dime Trap album.

In the Dime Trap trailer you can hear Chappelle’s voice saying “All my life all I wanted to do was be great. If the stakes are everything, you’ll tell yourself anything you need to hear to survive,” the legendary comic can be heard saying with an ominous organ sounding off in the background. “Everything I say is the truth and that’s a lie, and that’s the motherfucking truth.”


The Grand Hustle rapper said”I present to you… album X, The Dime Trap Feat. Dave Chappelle as The voice in my head. The wait is almost over. Coming Freakishly Soon,” he wrote in the caption. T.I. just recently celebrated his 38th birthday and Music Life Social would like to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Tip has not announced a release date for the album as of yet, he currently has his reality competition based show Grand Hustle on the BET network.

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