Music Life Social Atlanta Soul Week Atlanta Soul Week Top 30 Artist No. 25 – 21

by Raheem Karim

Today is the second day for the Music Life Social Atlanta Soul Week. Atlanta soul week represents the top 30 soul artist in Atlanta in our opinion that have been making a name for themseleves and delivering the sweet sounds of soul in the city. Each day we will present 5 artist with their bio and music. The city of Atlanta is blessed with so much talent it is unbelievable. The numbers do not determine the rankings by any means, as each artist and group are very talented which is why they are on our list. These artist give you their blood, and sweat to bring good music to our ears. Please support each and everyone of them

25. Xandria Wilson

xandria watson
Xandria was born in Austell Georgia and was inspired in Adele and Alicia Keys. Xandria’s is a triple force with talents include singing, playing piano, and writing music. She has a big voice that can hold a tune. Currently unsigned to any label and performs around the city

24. Vedo

The new R&B sensation Vedo hails from Benton Harbor, Michigan but has made his way to Atlanta. The 23 year old singer songwriter made a name for himself from his stellar performances on season four of NBC’s popular talent competition, The Voice. Since than he has honed his skills writing for major labels and performing around the city. Vedo dropped his EP “State of Mind” in April of 2016 with great reviews and comparisons to Usher and Chris Brown. Check out the video for the single “In My Feelings”

23. Londee


Londee a Dallas native has blessed Atlanta with her big sweet baritone voice. Now a Smyrna resident she is often compared to Chaka Khan and Anita Baker and has toured internationally to Sao-Paolo Brazil, Bahrain and Japan. Currently Londee is performing throughout the Southeast promoting her latest LP “Patterns Of Love” Check out her Soundcloud page for more info and music.

22. GuruFish


“Sexy, funky-as-hell, pop music” is what critics are saying about Gurufish (Ear Magazine). Electrifying audiences everywhere with their own provocative blend of pop, funk and soul, Atlanta’s Gurufish is best known for their high-octane live show fueled by irresistible melodies wrapped around hypnotic, funky grooves. After a great start to 2015 with a sold out showcase at SXSW, Gurufish was just recently listed by PASTE Magazine as one of the 25 Georgia Bands You Should Listen to Now, as well as honored with the distinction of being recognized by the GA Music Awards as the Georgia’s Best R’nB/Funk Band. They’ve rounded out this year with a feature performance on the CW network’s “The Originals”

21. Georgia Soul Council


This 7 piece ensemble has been delivering the sounds of funk and soul around the South for a few years now. This is real live music and musicianship at its best. Georgia Soul Council has really made a name for itself performing at some the most established venues around Atlanta such as Terminal West, Smith’s Ole Bar, and Elliot Street Deli & Pub. Their 13 track album “Thickens Upon Standing” is filled with funky grooves from start to finish. Check it out below and be sure to catch a live show.

Atlanta Soul Week Top 30 Artist 30-26

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