Watch Raveena Perform Smooth Soulful Set On NPR Tiny Desk Concert

by Raheem Karim
Raveena Tiny Desk Concert
Raveena Tiny Desk Concert

NPR Tiny Desk

Raveena Mesmerizes The Audience At NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Queens, N.Y. singer-songwriter Raveena performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk yesterday and after a hard day is a voice you really need to hear. Raveena’s smooth, chilled out delivery just calms everything down around you. As a listener you are automatically in relax mode after a hectic day. Raveena and her team arranged the set with stage props of homemade mushrooms and flowers, to represent peace and love.

“A lot of my music talks about growing out of these really traumatic experiences,” Raveena told the audience once the cameras started rolling. “And if you’ve ever gone through something similar that I talk about in my music, I just want you to know that in this space that we’re in, you’re extremely, extremely loved.”


She performed fan favorites “Honey”, “Bloom”, and “Still Dreaming” from her 2019 debut album, Lucid. Raveena lights up the room with her magnificent vocal ability. Although Raveena is young she exudes confidence of a seasoned vet performer which makes her music even more appealing. There is no doubt Raveena has honed her craft and channeled her musical inspirations Minnie Riperton, Sade and Asha Puthli. She is accompanied by musicians Cale Hawkins: keys; Aaron Liao: bass; Tyler Newson: drums; Tiana Ohara: guitar; Gayathri Menon: vocals; Ada Obieshi: vocals.

Watch Raveena’s Tiny Desk Concert performance below

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