Watch: Rapper and Entrepreneur J Nolan Gives The Blueprint of The Independent Music Game

by Raheem Karim
Rapper J Nolan

Rapper J Nolan Drops Knowledge About The Independent Music Game

Music Life Social had the opportunity to speak to rapper and entrepreneur J Nolan about the music industry. Many artist fail to capitalize on their talent because they do understand how the music industry works.

Nolan is a accomplished independent rapper in the industry. He is what I call a diversified artist, not one dimensional. J Nolan music has been featured in popular TV series like All American, Little Fires Everywhere, The Rookie, Kevin Hart Netflix Special Zero Fucks Given, and You Me Her.

Recently the Atlanta Rapper released a book THE PENGAME PORTFOLIO: How to Monetize Your Music As An Independent Artist, handbook made specifically for independent musicians ready to learn the business of music and earn more money from your talent. In the interview he spoke how his way of thinking of how to earn money transitioned and elevated since he first started. A artist show grow and develop not only musically but as a business person also.

J Nolan

Another venture J Nolan has worked on is his “More Than A Rapper,” a live performance expo aiming to humanize the hard work and real life obstacles that I face on a daily basis. Shot at The Movement Lab ATL, each song represents different moments from my life that shaped my perspective, personally and creatively.

Check out Nolan’s Spotify page for his music as he spits intelligent fire to light mic on fire.

To purchase his handbook THE PENGAME PORTFOLIO: How to Monetize Your Music As An Independent Artist visit

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