Watch 2Chainz debate Nancy Grace over legalization of marijuana

by Raheem Karim

It is no secret that rapper 2Chainz is fan of marijuana. “He states that it helps him with his anxiety before “shows in front of 50, 60,000 people.” 2Chainz is no dummy who graduated from Alabama State University with a 4.0 while on a basketball scholarship, is in favor of legalizing the drug. He went head to head in a debate with HLN legal analyst Nancy Grace who opposes it.

Grace argued the opposite, citing a few incidents in which young children encountered weed, such as one story “like a mom and a dad on the porch, and the baby dies in a fire.”

Grace pressed the rapper on how he — a role model — could support the legalization of marijuana in light of stories like a toddler smoking weed.

“These people are obviously imbeciles. You can’t use this case to define an entire community,” 2 Chainz responded, while referring to Grace as “Darlin’.”

Watch the video below:

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