Wale Releases New Song Good To Great…Listen Here

by Rafeal Crawford
Wale Releases New Song Good To Great...Listen Here

Wale Releases New Song Good To Great...Listen Here

Wale talks on what inspired new song

D.C. native and MMG artist Wale has had a pretty good year with releasing his album Shine and becoming a father.  However being the true artist that he is. Wale released a new song via Soundcloud yesterday (Nov.13th) titled “Good to Great.”

Wale stated what inspired the song was “a lot of nights out after Summer On Sunset mixtape.” Summer on the Sunset was a mixtape Wale released last year and he said on  Genius that “It just feels like the end of the club, and it’s about to go down. Nights like that are dope to me, because being able to share memories and document them through music is dope.”


The Lotus Flower Bomb rapper actually debuted the song on Nov.2nd at an private event with Genius titled a Night of Legend. Wale also has visuals of him making the song Good to Great as well. In the session he desccribes the song “That’s how I feel about ‘Good to Great,’ it’s just a vibe song. Something for girls to escape — maybe when they’re at work, they want to hear it at their desk or their cubicle, their office, or whatever. It’s a fantasy — Cinderella.”

Wale made his official album debut with Attention Deficit in 2009 that featured an up and comer Lady Gaga, Gucci Mane, and Chrisette Michele. He later signed with Rick Ross’ label Maybach Music Group (MMG) with sophomore release of the critically acclaimed Ambition that featured hits Lotus Flower Bomb and The Way.

Wale has pulled something that most artist found hard to do is to get comedian Jerry Seinfeld to narrate your album, which was the Album About Nothing. His fifth studio album Shine album cover was inspired by his daughter.

Wale has been nominated for various awards such the Grammy’s VMA’s, and BET awards as well. No word if Good to Great will appear on any upcoming projects , but listen to Good to Great below

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