Up & Coming: Mugzy Telling His Story Thru Hip-Hop From The Land Down Under

by Raheem Karim

Born on the 22nd of January 1991 in the land down under Sydney, Australia Mugzy had to fight through his adolescent years. Struggling with deep internal stress, he found inspiration in Eminem after his first encounter with Hip-Hop when he heard the song Purple Pills. Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem’s songs & began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop Culture.

As he developed his style and studied Hip-Hop, he found further inspiration from the legends: 2 Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, DMX, & searched further into the roots of Hip-Hop to re-discover artists like Public Enemy, NWA & Nas.

Drawing inspiration from the masters of Hip-Hop & armed with the knowledge earned through years of hardship, Mugzy’s rap speaks of truth. A raw truth. A truth that will resound with teenagers that have had to endure self doubt & lack of confidence.
Mugzy emerged from the shadow through Hip-Hop & found a way to express himself through his music by embracing the culture.
Based in Copacabana on the Central Coast, Mugzy will not shy away from any challenge to perform on any stage.

2010: “Ride Or Die” Album release. Recorded in Schollum City Records by Glen Schollum.
2010: “Music Technical Production” Gosford TAFE/RHYSS
2010: Music Song Writing Cert 1 & 2 Gosford TAFE/RHYSS
2011: Sea FM 2GO/Radio The Central Coast (Aus) “Production Assistant” (Work Experience)
2012: Radio Interviews with Coast FM 96.3 FM (Aus): Project U, with Nic Kelly &; The Melody Lounge with Matt McCaughey.
2012: Radio Interview with Hornsby radio station Triple H 100.1 FM (Aus): The Shambles with Nathan & James Macky.
2012: “Urban Star” Performance in Sydney. Met Def Jam producer Marcus Pernell becoming good friends & potentially work on something together in the near future.
2012: “Keep On Rapping” track featured on Drum Media Magazine, through Sydney company Off The Record (Aus).
2012: “World Supremacy Battlegrounds” Performance at Sydney Olympic Park. International Hip-Hop Dance Championships.
2012: “Music Business Skills/Sound Sessions” Wyong TAFE & Wyong Neighborhood Centre
2013: “Understand Me” Second Album release. Produced at Beatz Basement by Pablo Gutierrez.
2013: Hit No#1 in the Reverbnation charts for The Central Coast
2013: Music spun from second album (Understand Me) on Radio stations
TP Radio100 (USA), BiteMeRadio (USA), WUDDupDOEradio (USA), 1br.co SLICK TALK (USA), Unsigned 99.9 (USA), AllradioX (USA), Massive ExT Radio (USA), KPTR The Party Train Radio (USA), Knot FM (UK), Breeze Radio (UK), Ghetto Method Radio (UK), EDA Music Radio (UK), OZ Urban Radio (Aus), YVFM 99.1 Mixtape Oz Hip-Hop Show (Aus), 4ZZZ 102.1FM “The Anarchy Show” & “Autonomous Radio” (Aus), Alive 90.5FM Urban Hour With Preston (Aus), J. Castell Radio Co-Hosted By MSO (Aus), Venrap Radio (South Africa)
2013: Online interview with “Virtually Loaded” (USA)
2013: Interview with online magazine “StarCentral” (Hottest Artist of the Month)
2013: Extra in (Herbal Essences) shampoo TV commercial
2013: Artist Feature in “Street Hustler Magazine (SMH)” South Africa
2014: ‘Understand Me” track featured on “The Indie Top 50 Vol. 315” Presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes
2014: Music spun from second album (Understand Me) on Radio Stations
Ujima Radio 98FM Bristol (UK), WRFN 1025 (UK), The Loud Llama Show XRP Radio (UK), Drivetime Monday’s VRL Radio (UK), TUMS Radio-The Unsigned Music Show (UK), Wigan FM-The Unsigned Artist Show (UK), Skyhigh Radio (UK), Wolfman Radio-The Untapped Show (UK), Belter Radio (UK), Radio Barmcake (UK), WMOB Radio (USA), NWCZ Radio (USA), AMR.FM American Musicians Radio (USA), Mic Check Radio (USA), Radio WHAT (USA), Biz Zar Radio (USA), 1Blunt Radio The MidDay Burn (USA), 845 R8dio New Music Monday (USA), MOCradio (USA), MMBP Radio (USA), Faces Of Success Radio (USA), Isise BlogTalkRadio (USA), MHR Hott Radio (USA), LiveWirezRadioShow (USA), WRTR Real Talk Radio (USA), YALE Radiocast (USA), Uptownradio (USA), 93.Tweed FM Izum “Hella Hip Hop Show” (USA), Airwave Radio “The Streetz” (USA), Bustin’ Out Radio (USA), Hotline Radio (USA), Blastoffradio1 (USA), MTO Radio (USA), STU Radio (USA), Realistik Radio (USA), RBI Radio (USA), Bhindthescen RadioShow (USA), DBD Radio (USA), Burdskool Radio (USA), Hardboy Radio (USA), Crunktown Radio (USA), SDI Radio (USA), Pro Talk Radio (USA), BandLand Rap Radio (USA), Harlemlanes Radio (USA), SMASH Radio (USA), Streethop Radio (USA), WIDR.fm (USA), Talk Of The City Radio Show (USA), Just FLO Radio (USA), Chuuch Radio (USA), QSJ Radio (USA), Home Team Radio (USA), Compilated Radio (USA), GFRadio (USA), Spit Fire Radio (USA), Dope Souf Radio (USA), Tac Army Radio (USA), Mag Blog Radio (USA), The Punbare’s Show Urcityradio (USA), Street Dreamz Radio (USA), The Brewery Radio (USA), ArtsSpoken Show ListenVisionLive Radio (USA), MyAtlantaRadio (USA), Playas Mob Radio (USA), College Underground Radio (USA), 2 Loco Radio (USA), Rich Radio BYNY (USA), Idronic Radio (USA), WROMRadio-The Quinn Spinn (USA), BFNE Radio (USA), VRDO Radio-Your Variety Station (USA), United Elementz Radio-Monthly Mixtape Show (USA), “MUSER” My Underground Space Entertainment Radio (USA), MyHott Radio-The Fresh Connect Mixtape Show (USA), Perfect Radio (USA), The DSR Fire Ink 71.3 (USA), HotMix106 Radio (USA), LiveTime Radio (USA), WPKN Radio (USA), Goldstar Radio (USA), Hip Hop Live Radio (USA), Dogghabit Radio (USA), Check Chasers Radio (USA), Big1Radio (USA), KCPR Street Radio (USA), WJR Radio (USA), United Sessions The Mid Morning Show (Aus), Phat Music 94.7fm The Pulse (Aus), 4ZZZ Outlazzz Radio (Aus), Fitzy’s Hip-Hop HOUR of POWERAMR.fm Australian Musicians Radio (Aus), Valley FM 89.5-The Late Night Stew (Aus), Hospital Radio 3 (Aus), Repfm N.Z’s Number 1 HipHop Station (NZ), Lockdown06 Urban Music Hour Radio (NZ), BeWytch Me Radio (CA-BC), Radio Black Sea (BG), Radio City FM-Non Stop Party Hits Saturday (EU), 91.5 KSUA Risky Business (US-AK)
2014: Skype Radio Interview with Savvy from Live Wire! Podcast Radio South Australia (Aus)
2014: Extra in (Cisco TVC) Commercial
2014: Radio Interview with Bree Williams on “Variety Entertainment”
2014: Skype Radio Interview with Lamont & Gunja Phlex from L&G’s Cypher Sessions South Australia (Aus)
2014: Artist Feature in AtMagazine (USA)
2014: “Grubbin Out” track featured on “Conquer The Globe Mixtape Vol 1:”
2014: Feature Role in (Just For Laughs/Comedy Central) Promo Commercial
2014: “Grubbin Out” track featured on “Freeway Rick Ross Mixtape Vol 2:”
2014: Radio Interview with Hip-Hop KNECT: 2BACR 100.9FM (Aus) with Troy Furner & STALKY from Housos
2014: “My Journey” track featured on “Rep Your State Mixtape”
2014: Hypnotised by Australia’s Own Hypnotist “Peter Powers”
2014: Name Featured on “Australian Hip-Hop Artists” Draft Poster
2014: Artist Interview in “Cool Try Bro Magazine” (Aus)
2014: Artist Feature in “Llive Magazine” (USA)
2014: Team Member at Hip Hop TV (Australia’s No#1 Source to find the best/upcoming news about Hip Hop)
2015: Music spun from second album (Understand Me) on Radio Stations
Vyzion Radio (USA)

2011 to Present: “Musicians Making A Difference” (MMAD) Volunteer work to give back to the disadvantage/inner youth to help them get through the struggle though music and dance; MMAD Xmas album collaboration with Karise Eden; MMAD & Australian Institute of Music (AIM) collaborated with Urthboy from The Herd on a track named “Superman”. MMAD Sound Foundations Term 3 Cert completed & MMAD Sound Foundations Term 4 (Mentor, Youth Leader/Teacher); MMAD Xmas event in Auburn Sydney, met Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew, MMAD Break-Free Fridays & End of Year Xmas event with Channel 10 Crew

There are a lot of performers in the scene that prefer to stay in closed groups, but Mugzy is open to collaboration with all artists that are fighting for their dream & are willing to have a go in a spirit of mutual respect.
You can expect Mugzy to continue representing the Hip-Hop Culture, never backing away from any challenge well into the future.
Stay Tuned!

(Facebook Fan Page) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mugzy/216863988358655
(Reverbnation) http://www.reverbnation.com/mugzy187
(Soundcloud) https://soundcloud.com/mugzy-brady
(Twitter) https://twitter.com/Mugzy187
(Youtube) http://www.youtube.com/user/MugzyBrady

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