Up & Coming: Elise 5000 Melds Her Love of R&B and Hip-Hop With A Sweet, Sultry and Sexy voice

by Raheem Karim

Elise 5000 maybe from the small town of Warner Robbins, GA but her talents is larger than life. Elise landed a writing, recording, and producing deal with an independent label at the age of 17. With her Mass Communication Degree and strong relationships with key radio station programmers throughout the Southeast, granting her the opportunity to grow her talents as a producer and receive an introduction to a diverse audience. From this engaging opportunity, Elise 5000 formed a partnership and launched her own recording label, NoFunGirl Music Group, where she melds her love of R&B and Hip-Hop to write, produce, and record original tracks that have sparked the interests of many other artists and fans worldwide.

Elise 5000 is one of the most versatile artist in the game. She has the cross over genre appeal with Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Progressive House, and Alternative Hip Hop music in her repertoire. She is a dangerous triple threat as writer, producer, and recording artist in this industry.

Elise has a sweet, sultry and sexy voice to match good production. Check out some of music below from her 5 Senses LP and peep her Soundcloud page. Be on the look out for her next project.

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/elise-5000
Twitter: www.twitter.com/elise5000

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