TSoul – Redefining music

by Raheem Karim

Described as a future legend by BET, TSoul is one of BET Music Matters premiere new artist! He believes that music is defined by the feeling it inspires, and plans to keep using his music to connect with fans (whom he refers to as TSouldiers) across the world.

Singer/songwriter/producer TSoul (Terry Pinkard) is an artist whose music resonates with your soul. A small town B boy from Virginia, he has toured in several states throughout the US and countries across the world including, Japan, Italy, and France. Following in the footsteps of legends, TSoul has performed at the historic Apollo theater twice, as well as the Blue Note in Manheim, Germany! TSoul has released 2 albums Love & Music, & Happy Holidays and more recently 2 singles ‘Things Have Change’ & ‘Time machine’ .His YouTube has acquired over 10 million views. Check out his video ‘Best of Me’.

TSoul Online

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