Trump Feels Women Should Face Punishment If Abortions Are Illegal

by Rafeal Crawford
Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump made headlines Wednesday  when he made comments about women getting abortions, if they were to become illegal he feels that women should face some form of punishment. Since his comments were made Trump has received backlash from antiabortion and abortion groups alike.

The front-runner for the Republican party said during a townhall meeting, which was hosted by MSNBC where Trump feels that women who seek illegal abortions should face criminal punishment. Moderator Chris Matthews pressed Trump on his views of abortions.

“This is not something you can dodge. If you say abortion is a crime or abortion is murder, you have to deal with it under the law. Should abortion be punished?” Matthews said.

 “The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment,” Trump responded. “There has to be some form.”
Both Republican and Democratic party feel that Trumps views about women are misogynistic and reduces them on their appearance.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom if elected would be the first female president took to social media.“Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. Horrific and telling,” Clinton wrote on Twitter.

Planned Parenthood released this statement about Trumps remarks on the issue

“The last person women need to police their health-care decisions is someone who sees them not as people, but as ‘fat pigs,’ ‘bimbos’ and ‘disgusting animals,” said  Emily’s List Communications Director Marcy Stech. “Republicans are about to nominate a truly dangerous man to lead their fight to restrict women’s access to abortion.”

“Donald Trump is flat-out dangerous. Women’s lives are not disposable,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “There’s nothing else to say, as Donald Trump’s remarks today have said it all.”