The Godfather of Podcasts Remembering Reggie Osse aka Combat Jack

by Rafeal Crawford
The Godfather of Podcasts Remembering Reggie Osse aka Combat Jack

The Godfather of Podcasts Remembering Reggie Osse aka Combat Jack

Combat Jack Still Raising the Bar

Death is not an easy thing to deal especially when that person was universally loved and impacted the people who admired, inspired, and affected those around him or her for the better.  The date was December 20th here in Atlanta on a rainy Wednesday and literally looked like a black cloud was hovering over the city the whole day. I’m at the doctor’s office with my fiancée as we get to hear the heartbeat of our first child together I’m so elated and I am looking at the future mother of our child with sheer joy because we created life, and then I get a notification on my phone from Twitter.

I checked Twitter and Combat Jack was trending I got the nervous feeling and someone replied to a post I retweeted from Combat in regards to his dear friend Ed Woods who passed away couple days prior and the reply said he’s resting easy too. Immediately I thought this is false, however unfortunately this news was real. Last time I saw him was a couple of weeks before he was diagnosed with colon cancer at A3C, where him and A-King wee hosting a show that featured Westside Gunn and Conway. I ran into Mika, who led my business partner and I to them I gave him and A-King a pound and was planning on us linking up afterward or over the weekend, but that never happened. The following week I get a text from Mika telling me about the #CombatCancer campaign and it was still hard for me to get through his podcast on him announcing he had colon cancer.


My cousin told me you need to check out this podcast called Combat Jack Show and I said to myself what is a Combat Jack? When I listened to it I was immediately hooked, because it was like he spoke my language from the range of topics such as playing the pause game, top 5 MC’s, politics, and real or fake Polo tees. I always called him the Arsenio Hall of Hip Hop because whomever his guest was he would ask the poignant questions that us listeners wanted to know.What made Combat so special and unique he was always on the side of the people and our voice for the Hip Hop culture. He put us old true Hip Hop heads onto the new wave of younger artists in Hip Hop and taught us to embrace them as well because they have message as well.

Combat Jack laid the foundation and mastered the podcast game where it was lucrative and others were able to prosper as well, thus that is why he is and will remain the “Godfather of Podcasts” and I dare anyone to challenge that. From his Combat Jack Show to his Mogul series that honored the late great executive Chris Lighty. Combat’s voice was unique because he made you feel like you were there with him. If Combat was an MC he would easily be in my top 5, but he is in my top 5 people who inspire me.

Even though I have known you for a couple of years it felt as if I’ve known you longer by hearing stories on your journey through life. In your honor I will use BLACK in ALL CAPS, continue to RAISE THE BAR,  and PUSH THE CULTURE FORWARD big Homie salute to you and may the MOST HIGH watch over your children.

I would like thank you brother for going out of your way for embracing our site Music Life Social and also a big thank you to Mika for everything you do stay strong, Premium Pete and Mena y’all brothers are good with me because if you guys didn’t take the time out and talk to me I would never have gotten to have good memories with Reggie, and A-King what can I say you are a good genuine brother I know with you guys his legacy will live on forever. The Music Life social family is here for you always.

Rest In Paradise Reggie Osse aka Combat Jack

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