Terron Gold, founder of The Crypto Krew Shares His Knowledge of Cryptocurrency and NFT’s

by Raheem Karim

Terron Gold aka igetzbuzy is a well known Atlanta entrepreneur graphic artist creating hip hop inspired clothing.  As time progressed he has become a cryptocurrency enthusiast and educator.  He saw need not only to educate people, but also creating another revenue stream for themselves.  Over the past four years Gold embedded himself into learning the complex world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT’s.  Through his research he learned how to make money such as becoming a bettor investor in cryptocurrency, what are the best platforms to use, and the differences and similarities of the coins offered on the market.

During this time time Gold founded The Crypto Krew, to help beginners understand cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT’s.  What stands out the most is that Gold explains it in a simplistic way to make it easy digest.

He stopped by the Music Life Social studio to introduce himself and what he offers.  Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg so there will be many more interviews to come.  To learn more about The Crypto Krew and Terron Gold visit www.igetzbuzy.com and on IG @_thecryptokrew_ .

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