Terrace Martin and Channel Tres Drops Ode To Los Angeles “Chucks”

by Raheem Karim
terrace martin chucks


Los Angeles jazz musician Terrance Martin linked up with Channel Tres for a new single, “Chucks.”

Jazz musician Terrace Martin teamed up with house producer and singer Channel Tres pays homage to West Coast culture on a single “Chucks” is an ode to Los Angeles.

The smooth easy going track describes the day in life in the city of angels mentioning the classic kicks Chuck Taylors – which he would pick up at the local swap meet. Ty Dolla $ign playing bass and everything on the record

Speaking with BET.com, Martin discusses appreciating Channel Tres’ daring musicality, building his musical family and the love he’s receiving from his Drones album.

I got turned onto Channel Tres through a mutual friend of ours and I got turned onto him before I realized what he looked like, where he was from or what he was about. I just loved the music. So I was a fan of the music for a few months and everything. Then when I found out he was Compton and the West Coast, I was like that’s crazy. When I met him, his vibe was so up-tempo and bright. He came into the studio at midnight like ‘let’s do 10 songs, let’s do this, let’s do that.’ So I felt like he had a lot of energy.”

Terrace Martin’s album, DRONES, is nominated for Best Progressive R&B Album at Sunday’s 65th Annual Grammy Awards.  He is also scheduled to perform at Coachella and later, a Terminal 5 show alongside Robert Glasper and Kamasi Washington.

Listen to the single below.


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