Samuel L. Jackson Reprising His Role In The Shaft Reboot

by Rafeal Crawford
Samuel L. Jackson Reprising His Role In The Shaft Reboot

Method Man has been cast in the Shaft reboot

A lot of films have gotten the reboot treatment as of late, so it was no surprise that a cult classic like Shaft has been green lit for a reboot as well.  The 1971 film was a major success for a film with the lead being a black male grossing over $13 million dollars on a $500,000 budget and put Richard Roundtree on the map as an actor.


The film Shaft spawned its a fourth sequel in 2000 by famed director and producer John Singleton brought the film back into the new millennium, but with famed actor Samuel L.Jackson.  This particular film Jackson portrays Shaft’s nephew.

They are remaking the 2000 film version of Shaft and Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his role as Shaft and the film will have some new faces in the film and behind the scenes as well. Actor Jessie T.Usher known for his work in Survivor’s Remorse will portray Shaft’s son and rapper/actor and fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man has been cast as one of Shaft’s friend in the film. John Singleton will not be directing the film instead Tim Story will be behind the camera. Tim Story has directed all the film in Ice Cube’s Ride Along franchise.

The 2000 film Shaft reboot will also star Regina Hall, Alexandria Shipp, and Richard Roundtree who played the original Shaft. Samuel L.Jackson version of Shaft was No.1 at the box office and grossed over a $100 million dollars worldwide on a budget of $46 million dollars. That film also starred Christian Bale, Vanessa Williams, and Jeffrey Wright.

The original Shaft spawned three sequels and an unforgettable soundtrack by the late great legendary Isaac Hayes that won him a Grammy Award for Best Score for Soundtrack and Motion Picture.

The Shaft reboot is scheduled for a June 14th 2019 release date.

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