Read: Vince Staples and Mac Miller Discuss What Is The Place For White Rappers Today?

by Raheem Karim

The Fader recently published a conversation between Vince Staples and Mac Miller who recently Stolen Youth collaborators concerning White rappers. They don’t hold back.

Read excerpts from Mac Miller and Vince Staple’s exchange below and the entire article at

Mac Miller: There’s always been a bunch of white rappers in the super-underground scene – cult sh*t, like Atmosphere. I never listened to any of it, but there was a lot of white people like, “I love white rappers because I can identify with them.” The reason white rappers can do what they do is because white people be hoorah-ing the sh*t. It’s like when there are white people on an NBA team.

Vince Staples: White people definitely root for white people.

Staples: I ain’t really f*ck with Eminem at first. I saw “Purple Pills,”and I was like, “What the f*ck is these n*ggas doin’?” But I didn’t really care about rapping. I was trying to hear some Ja Rule, like, “N*gga, where Ashanti at? Don’t nobody wanna hear you rappin’ about your momma.” That’s how I was feeling in my younger days. Eminem was too aggressive for me.

Miller: Now it’s evolved to where you have different types of white rappers. You have a RiFF RAFF, and an Action Bronson, and me, who are all completely different. Earlier, white rappers were just on the super storytelling, very poetic.

Miller: I remember touring and doing shows, and I was the first rap show ever in all these colleges. Six thousand kids, and I’m the first hip-hop show because I’m white-college-friendly. That was always a demon for me. It was hard to sit here and know that, because I was a white dude, I was able to sell easier and be more marketable. That wasn’t tight to me. I wanted to go through the same sh*t that everyone else did. But I did that sh*t, and that sh*t was huge for me.

Staples: Maybe you’re not the problem. Maybe the problem is that black people don’t support each other and don’t f*ck with each other as much as they should. Maybe Hispanic people don’t f*ck with each other and support each other as much as they should. You’re not the problem. White people got the right idea: the first thought, the first action, is to be a supporter.

Staples: White people loved MC Hammer, though. “Can’t Touch This.” Let’s dance, we’re not killing nobody. White people love Michael Jackson. And they love him to this day.

Miller: I might make a song like “Thrift Shop.” This is a thing that me and Vince agree on, that none of our other friends do. Me and Vince and [Schoolboy] Q.

Staples: Q, yeah. I was about to say: Q ready to get that check. I make music at the end of the day. I ain’t worried about sticking to hip-hop. Y’all gotta stop worrying about the race sh*t. It’s more important sh*t out there. Ja Rule got a show on MTV, let’s talk about that.

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