West Coast Rapper Phora To Release New Video “The Cold” November

by Raheem Karim

Anaheim, California rapper Phora is set to release new music video “The Cold” on November 16th. The charismatic rapper has been grinding releasing for independent albums before the age of 21 and gained a underground following. As a youngster, Archer got into some trouble for graffiti, but his work as a tattoo artist proved to be relatively lucrative and aided in the funding of his fledgling rap career.

Phora has been through the pain, he has survived a stabbing and two shootings. The incidents did not change his music, as he stayed on a positive path to greatness.

He mostly lived with his mother, an African-American woman raised in Orange, who met his father at a local Hometown Buffet. After they split, she went from job to job, struggling to pay the bills. The tattoo script, “Forgive Me Mother,” stands out on Phora’s arm.

Phora style is a cross between Drake and Bryson Tiller, but he creates his own lane. He represents his label Yours Truely and has a extensive catalog.

Check out some of his video below and check his website www.yourstrulyforever.com for more from this artist.

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