Opinion: Snoop Dogg The Underrated G.O.A.T.

by Rafeal Crawford
Snoop Dogg Acquires Deathrow Records
Opinion: Snoop Dogg The Underrated G.O.A.T.

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From Crip walking to cooking w/ Martha Stewart

Recently Snoop Dogg participated in Swiss Beats and Timbaland’s successful VERZUZ battle on Instagram and a lot of the viewers were given a refresher course on how many hits Uncle Snoop had and hits that weren’t  played.

Snoop Dogg was introduce to the music world via iconic and NWA alum Dr.Dre on the classic 1992 song Deep Cover he went by Snoop Doggy Dogg at the time.. Snoop brought a different kind of West coast flavor to the rap game, unlike his predecessors like Eazy, Cube, or Too $hort. Snoop brought a certain charm and relatability to the game even though he talked about gang banging on his records, somehow he made you feel like it was acceptable.


From Deep Cover to the Chronic it’s very few artists who made another artist records theirs with songs like “Nuthin’ But a G Thang”, “Fuck Wit Dre Day,” “Bitches Ain’t Shit”, & “Lil Ghetto Boy.” After hearing Snoop on The Chronic it was a given he was destine for stardom like LeBron coming into the league in ’03.

Then Doggystyle made him a mainstream pop star with countless hits such as “What’s My Name”, “Doggy Dogg World,” “Gin & Juice,”  “Ain’t No Fun” and “Murder Was the Case” (while facing a murder charge, which he was acquitted). Snoop is one of many few MC’s to venture out of his comfort zone. A West coast MC went down south to New Orleans with the No Limit camp and churned out hits such as “Lay Low” and “Loose Control,” then linked up with Pharrell for countless hits like “Signs,” “That Girl,” “Beautiful,” “Blown,” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Snoop Dogg went from that shy teenager from Long Beach, California being interviewed for the first time by Fab 5 Freddy on Yo’ MTV Raps to saying “Gz’ Up Hoes Down” to hosting a hit cooking show with Martha Stewart on VH1. His Snoop Youth Football League has produced NFL players De”Anthony Thomas, John Ross, and Kam Jackson.  Snoop Dogg is the epitome of the American Dream. He is one of Hip Hop’s underrated GOATS. Music Life Social would just like to salute Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Big Snoop Dogg aka Uncle Snoop.

Music Life Social comprised a selections that were not played in the latest VERZUZ against DMX

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