Open Letter To President Barack Obama: Thank You, You Have Been An Inspiration

by Raheem Karim
President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama’s presidency will be coming to close in little over a week and he will be giving his farewell speech tonight. Before you go Mr. President, I personally would like to say thank you for these past 8 years, as you have served as a inspiration to many across our nation.

In 2008 you made history becoming the first African American elected president in the United States. Along with being elected came immense pressure, especially from the African American community. Often times you stated, “You not be just President just for black but for everyone,” and you have done so, and very well justified to do.

Before I layout your accomplishments, let me explain how you personally inspired me with your subtle actions and attitude. It started with your speech at the 2004 DNC that caught my attention that you advocated for change just not within the political system, but within ourselves as human beings.

Some of the first thing that caught eye was your actions the campaign trail such as opening the car door for First Lady Michelle Obama, how you always mentioned she is the backbone of the family and how her input was just as important. You treated Michelle as a equal partner not a sidekick. You showed the world your commitment to parenthood and having that bond with your daughters. No matter the situation you always conducted yourself with class and professionalism.

8 years ago I was at the bottom and I didn’t have a close relationship with my daughter. Since that time me and a friend of mine have started a successful online blog. My and daughter and I a unbelievable bond, while showing her the ropes of entrepreneurship.  I also take in account a woman’s worth and they are to be respected and treated as a equal.

President Obama the word change has been the theme of your presidency along with improving your community. I did not take those words lightly, so I decided to be apart of that change. My business partner and I have held community winter coat drives, can food drives for the less fortunate, and bottled water drive for the community of Flint, MI.

In 8 years you have accomplished a lot with little recognition. You may not have accomplished everything you promised during your campaign, but most of the blame can be pointed toward Congress. When you were first elected Republicans publicly vowed to make you a 1 term President and make passing your agendas difficult instead of working in unison. You may not have reached all your goals but you were not deterred.

Some in the black community have question your commitment to improving African American life. Some as gone as far as blaming rising gun violence on you. Some African Americans feel like you did not speak out enough about police brutality. I have not always agreed with what President Barack Obama has done but I put up his list of accomplishments against any other President in history.

To those pundits of there I would say you do not understand politics and how the system works. President Barack Obama is not a king or tyrant. He cannot just pass laws on his own. He said to go out vote locally because he will need help in Congress. We as a people failed to do so. The result was a majority Republican Congress that held up his agendas on purpose.

Let me layout a list of just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Passed Health Care Reform
  • Rescued the Economy
  • Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Funding
  • Passed Fair Sentencing Act
  • Revived the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division
  • Strengthened Women’s Right to Fair Pay
  • Reduced Discrimination Against Former Prisoners in Federal Hiring

To view the list of Obama’s top 50 accomplishments visit the Washington Monthly.

There is no doubt you are one of the greatest orators of our generation and inspirational figure.  You have shown that no matter where you come from and what color you are, a person can accomplish anything life if they have will and drive.  I will continue to be change that you preached about so many times, to not only improve myself but my community.  Thank you President Barack Obama.

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