On The Rise: Zack Ultra Goes Beyond Limitations

by Raheem Karim
zack ultra

zack ultra

Rapper Zack Ultra Has A Story To Tell

It is well known Atlanta has a rising underground hip hop scene and Atlanta based artist Zack Ultra is leading the charge.  Atlanta rap is more than just trap music and beats, for those misguided souls there is variety.  Born in Augusta, GA but planting his musical roots in Atlanta Zack Ultra believes in doing everything ultra and beyond limitations.  He is part of  The Better Music Bureau label, and I got a chance to catch one of his shows at the Cigar Bar at East Atlanta Village a few months ago.  I have to say he put on one hell of a performance.  He got the semi subdued crowd amped up and on their feet with his 2015 song I’m Lit and Woke Up Like 2Pac!

I had the opportunity to chat with him after show and Ultra is a very humble dude.  He was thankful for the support and he talked up wanting to do things to uplift the community.  We had a all around great conversation about the current music scene and his own future endeavors.  I can could hear the hunger in his voice and this guy is hungry for more.  I asked him whats up with the name Ultra?  He said,

I believe in creating multiple pathways of income and creativity. I don’t want to stay in one lane. I want to unleash my talent unto the world”.

On the track the Darkside of U Zack speaks about the pain of his father not being around, his girl cheating on him, and just daily life of trying make ends meet.  So this sort of explains why Zack believes in taking his talents to the next level and not being stopped by boundaries.  He also dabbles in clothing and wants to break into the marijuana industry.

Ultra is one of the most well organized underground rappers I have met.  He has his music publishing in place, he is on almost every major streaming music service and he has a online presence.  Currently he has 3 albums out dating back to 2015 starting with G.U.N, Ultra Wave, and Zack Ultra.  He is a artist on the rise and is always performing around the city, so if you get a chance check out a show.  For more info about Zack Ultra visit his facebook page www.facebook.com/ZackUltra

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