On The Rise: Singer Nubia Emmon Brings 90’s R&B Flavor Back

by Raheem Karim

Nubia Emmon is bringing is leading the charge for real throwback 90’s R&B music when singing and the ability to be versatile mattered. She perfectly blends R&B with hip hop.   Nubia has not followed the trend of today’s cookie cutter trap R&B sound, but a sound more refreshing.

The Austin, Texas native has made waves rising to #2 on the Reverbnation R&B/Soul chart with her hit single “Hooked On Your Love”. Singing is in her roots coming from a family of artists including a distant cousin, none other than The Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson.

She has done countless collaborations which included Def Jam’s recording artist, Lil Niqo, who jumped on her track ‘Dancing Machine’. Further exercising her versatility as an artist, Nubia had a cameo role in the movie “The Holy Spoof” starring Rapper Paul Wall, Ms. Mykie and Dough Beezy.

Her songs “Hooked On Your Love”, “That’s How You Say My Name, Nubia!”, “Set It Off” gives me flashbacks of the iconic group TLC all wrapped in one.  The Left Eye  rap style meshing with the R&B flavor songs I can hear the influence.  Let me be clear, Nubia voice stands out and is more profound.  She can do love ballads where her voice can carry a note. My personal favorite track is “Blowing Up” with the Notorious B.I.G sample.

The music industry is driven by sex and the mantra “The less dress is the best attention grabber”.  Nubia takes a different approach lets her more conservative style and stage commanding approach speak for itself.  Not only she a entertainer but also a community leader through The Nubia Emmon Foundation, which focuses on breast cancer awareness and motivating and youth towards success. One of her signature projects is the “Pretty Girls that Rock the Mic” benefit concert. The purpose is to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and to showcase the talent and diversity among female artists in Texas.

Check out Nubia Emmon mixtape 80/20 Hosted by DJ Hella Yella .  You can also peep the visual for the the track belowTo find out more info about Nubia Emmon visit her website www.nubiaemmon.com

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