On The Rise: Parisalexa Is Making, Self-Love, Determination, Inspirational R&B

by Raheem Karim

Photo via Instagram

Parisalexa Makes You Feel Good With Her Debut LP 2 Real

Seattle R&B singer/songwriter Parisalexa has been trending up to the next level these last couple of years. Her ascension to national attention should not be a surprise, with her recently highly anticipated debut full-length project, 2 Real.

The challenge for me is to keep up with new artists because a boatload of music is released each day. One of the advantages of social media and streaming services is you chance to hear from a artist that you would not hear of national radio.

Parisalexa caught my ear in early 2018 with her debut EP Bloom. Immediately I knew her pen game was off the charts. Paris is able to paint a very vivid picture of the trials and tribulations of a relationship she experienced. She Followed with a, hip hop inspired EP Flexa. On this particular EP she exudes confidence and envisions her future. It reminds of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt album, as he boasted he will be on top of the game and changing his financial future.

As for her song writing abilities she was a featured contestant on NBC’s hit show ‘Songland’ where her song, despite not being picked by the show’s judges, was hailed by Billboard as “the best song of the entire season.” She has penned songs for other A-list pop artist.

On her debut album there are a quite a few standout tracks like “Chocolate”, a self-empowerment anthem, whose accompanying music video paid homage to black-owned businesses in the Emerald City.

Slimthick is another empowering record. In world where people body shame others, Parisalexa is not having any of it. She talks about how she loves her God giving body, thick thighs and curves. This is a very inspirational song for those who think or seek validation from others.


The album is very upbeat, funky, inspiring, and just flat good. There huge things on the horizon for horizon. Purchase Parisalexa’s debut album 2 Real on bandcamp.

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