On The Rise: New R&B Bad Girl Brittanica Young

by Raheem Karim

Tenacious singer/songwriter Brittanica Camille Young Aka B.Camille, Born and raised in the Midwest, has been singing since the age of six. Inspired by the legendary voices of Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle and Jennifer Holiday and further influenced by today’s music stars Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Mo, Brittanica Brittanicayounghas developed a sound of her very own. Brittanica has witnessed and conquered more obstacles than most people experience in their youth. Brittanica turned to the pen and pad to express her innermost feelings about her life. Brittanica’s talent was first recognized at the age of six by her mother; “It was like she already knew I was destined to be a star”. Brittanica’s music comes from her soul, she sings to the masses of men and women who are touched by her stories about life, love, success and failure. Brittanica is looking forward to collaborating with countless producers, Brittanica brings encouragement about everyday life to her listeners. She is fascinated with how her music can affect a listener’s mood, thoughts and lifestyle. Brittanica’s sultry vocals and meaningful lyrics distinguish her talents from those of many other artists.

Brittanica is very passionate about the welfare of children and aspires to build a chain of recreational centers in Tri-State Area, to keep young children off of the drug infested streets. She also plans on building shelters to assist homeless mothers and children with food and medical attention. And show others whom have been through the same struggles that they too can escape the cruelty of the world, she is mostly seen smiling. She enjoys reading, writing (music, poetry, books, etc). Amongst her many talents, she is also a model.

As an artist, Brittanica is in a class all by herself. She has the ability to represent for the streets as well appeal to the mainstream. Her image is inspirational, a sexy blend of the urban culture and high fashion world. Brittanica ‘s musical style is a fusion of soulful R&B with a strong Hip-Pop presence, reminiscent of old school SWV with a 2000 sound. A contributing writer on her project, Charm’s songs cater to the ears of listeners of all ages. Brittanica’s unique ability to dive into the character of a song is incredible. She makes the listener feel each and every emotion that the song is meant to evoke.

Brittanica is still getting her feet wet in the music industry, and says the most difficult part about getting into it is distinguishing legit people from frauds. She is going to continue to grow as an individual and an artist and work on getting her music beyond the streets of Tri-States. She hopes to one day acquire various awards which is not a far fetched goal with her talents. Her work ethic is remarkable for a young lady her age. Relentless in her pursuit of greatness and will stop at nothing short of becoming the very best. Brittanica is careful with her on and off stage appearance. With the face of an angel and the style of a diva; however, as an artist she realizes appearance is everything, so she dresses with class and leaves her sex appeal to the imagination of her fans.

Website: www.showme1.com

Instagram: @Brittanicayoung

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