On The Rise: Lyricist J.Nolan Turns Words Into Action Educating The Youth

by Raheem Karim

MC/vocalist/songwriter known as J.Nolan was born in New Haven, CT and raised in the south side of Atlanta is helping to lead the charge of progressive socially conscious hip-hop.

He is a very talented individual as he is part of a creative alliance called Fresh & Local that specializes in Music, Sound, and Film with the intentions of bringing forth cutting-edge ideas. He started honing his skills at a young age and undertaking the journey of pursuing music relentlessly and his pain and struggles in doing so are well documented; from formerly living in a trailer park and constantly moving from place to place in order to keep chasing his dreams, to using his last dollars to invest and seize new opportunities for his future.

J.Nolan understands using a large scale platform to help educate the youth and help other capitalize on their creative talents. He puts his talent to use in the Youth Speak Out in Nashville. As a songwriter, he’s also had songs licensed by major productions such as BET News, Fox Network’s UFC show – Road to the Octagon, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Black Ink Crew, MTV: True Life, and Season 3 of Vinyl Destination which documents the touring conquests of DJ Jazzy Jeff. His proficiency as a writer and artist has gained him additional recognition from industry figures such as 9th Wonder, Don Cannon, and Heather B.

J.Nolan is currently in the studio creating multiple projects including the official Fresh & Local group debut (consisting of fellow Atlanta artists G-Lo the Lion, JusThoughtZ, and Rex Novi), contributing guest appearances for other artists, and his forthcoming solo LP entitled “Birthright.”

As a lyricist his style is versatile with a variety of flows. His content is on the level of True School Hip-hop with comparisons to artist like Nas, OutKast, Wu-Tang Clan. You can hear the southern grit with northern flow, but he switch it also.

A few months ago J.Nolan released a new single “Korrupt World”, a heartfelt offering dedicated to those going through turbulent times. Many people feel like they’ve been left behind or that their stories will remain unheard. Listen to the track below and we also featured a few tracks from his Reverbnation page.

Twitter: @realjnolan
Facebook: @realjnolan
Website: www.realjnolan.weebly.com

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