Clizzy Houston Talks Expansion, and Shaping A New Hip Hop Sound

by Raheem Karim

Clizzy Houston

Clizzy Houston Talks Expanding His Music Empire, and Shaping A New Hip Hop Sound

Atlanta based Hip Hop Artist Clizzy Houston is the definition of real Hip Hop. After dropping 2015 hit singles 80’s Baby and Elevators his back in the lab with more heat. Music Life Social stopped by Brick Wall Studios to catch up with Clizzy and his listening session. Clizzy talks about expanding his entertainment empire further with a clothing line, podcast, and a docuseries.

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We listened to the tracks he is dropping this spring and wow this powerful shit man! The production and lyrics are so on point and seamless. Most of the current rappers on doing the New Jack Swing with them or someone singing on the track while the artist mumble raps. This is not the case, as Clizzy clearly stands out. Any one of his new singles would immediately jump to number one on the charts. Watch the interview and than listen to his new singles Fuego and Hotline below. Also I have to mention professional his team is. For every track his lays down Clizzy’s graphic designer designs a single artwork cover. The work and the concept is dope.  Videographer Melissa Torrey always has the camera rolling to capture footage, so big ups to her for recording and editing the interview.

Video by Melissa Torrey


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