New Birth To Use Kanye West’s Donation For Scholarships At Morris Brown College To Honor Rapper’s Mother

by Raheem Karim
New Birth To Use Kanye West's Donation For Scholarships

New Birth To Start Foundational Scholarship at Morris Brown College in Dr. Donda West’s Name

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Dr. Jamal Bryant announced plans some of the funds donated to them by Kanye West in honor of Dr. Donda West, a foundational scholarship in her name at Morris Brown College.

Dr. Donda Was is the late mother of Kanye West and former professor at Morris Brown College. Just a few weeks ago Kanye West stopped by themegachurch last month as a part of his pop-up “Sunday Service” series of appearances.

On Sunday, Oct. 13, the pastor, Dr. Jamal Bryant, made the announcement to the congregation with the school’s interim president at his side.

“On this day we want to open up in the honor of Dr. Donda West, a foundational scholarship in her name,” Bryant said.

Morris Brown College interim president Dr. Kevin James was in attendance.

On Friday the school received a letter from the state of Georgia that the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Commission on Higher Education, stating they been have been approved, authorized in the state of Georgia as a higher education institution,”


The school lost its accreditation in 2012, meaning students weren’t able to receive federal aid and then went bankrupt.

James stated, “We are on a positive path to resurrecting this historic black college back to prominence and creating an environment in which students will receive an education that is held in high regard. We are now in search of significant donors to pour into our institution now that we have this momentum.”

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