Music Life Social’s On The Rise: ATL’s Own SaintxBre

by Rafeal Crawford

Saintx Bre, Robert Jabre Relaford, was born in Atlanta, GA on September 15th during Virgo season. Saintx Bre is a rap artist based out of the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia, from some of the city’s well-known areas, such as College Park and East Point. Saintx Bre’s music is a blend of hip hop, soul rock and melodic undertones. The Tri-Cities high school graduate, studied theatre and then film later at a private college. Saintx Bre’s educational experience broadened his unique abilities of approaching music like an “actor would a script.” He began writing at the age of 15 years and has performed in numerous clubs in Atlanta, Savannah, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Saintx Bre’s education, exposure, and career developed him in such a way that allowed him to become the Founder and C.E.O. of his independent label ‘Haven’. Haven’s mission is to “Bring back a certain level of value to the rap artist name and to restore innovative efforts to the media platforms we have grown accustomed to. Saintx Bre is a visionary. He sees his ‘Haven’ as being a trusted source of entertainment and innovation in music and film in the near future. He wants the predecessors to know that their hard work wasn’t in vain, and that the art of living and being in their craft is in good hands.

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