Music Life Social’s “5 Days Of Phife”…A Tribute To Malik “Phife”Dawg ” Taylor Day 1 “Can I Kick It ?”

by Rafeal Crawford

Music Life Social is paying tribute to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest this week titled “ 5 Days of Phife.” We will highlight his career in the music industry, his impact on the culture, and his most memorable verses.


This month is special because in September 25 years ago A Tribe Called Quest released the classic Low End Theory in 1991. The reason this album was special is that Phife made his presence known on this album with quotable for days.The previous year on Tribe’s “Peoples Instinctive Travels” Phife asked “Mr.Dinkins would you please be my mayor” off their single “Can I Kick It.” Although the album received a lukewarm reception, but nonetheless the album went gold and produced classic singles that’s a mainstay in Hip Hop like “Can I Kick It” & “Bonita Applebum.



His verse on “Can I Kick It” was somewhat historic because at the time David Dinkins was running for the office of mayor in New York, which he became the first Black mayor. Phife was 19 at the time of the recording and they never received any royalties for this song because of the Lou Reed sample.


Throughout the week we will get you reacquainted with the man they call Phife by examining his career album by album, and how he was the first one to merge sports and Hip Hop together. So, enjoy day one of the “5 Days of Phife.”



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