MLS Interview: Book Author Angie Renee

by Raheem Karim

Angie Renee’ is an author, speaker, screenwriter, and mentor. She is known as the “girl-next-door mentor” because of her candor and witty personality. The candidness and transparency of her speaking style is what draws people to her as well as the issues she talks about. The release of her first self-help book ‘Angieology: In My Words’ shows how edgy, funny, and sympathetic she can be all at once. Her co-authored book ‘20 Beautiful Women’ shows her realness and vulnerability, while her novel ‘Jaded’ is very farfetched from both. Needless to say, she is very well-rounded and up for any challenge! The art of storytelling is her passion and the ability to speak life into others is her purpose. Angie is also a columnist for the St. Louis Argus Newspaper where she writes pearls of wisdom bi-weekly.

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