Michigan Legislature Passes Bill To Fund $100 Million Dollar For Flint’s Water Crisis

by Rafeal Crawford
Water for Flint

The city of Flint, Michigan has been without clean water for over three years, which is a criminal act in itself. When word spread that the citizens of Flint drinking water contained lead various celebrities donated water and money from The Game, Sean ‘Puffy” Combs, and Mark Wahlberg.

U.S. citizens and organizations brought awareness to the water crisis that was happening in Michigan, even petitioning for the Governor of Michigan being brought up on criminal charges.

The Michigan legislature has taken action by approving a bill that will give the city of Flint a $100 million dollars in federal funding.The House and Senate approved the bill and it has to be approved and signed by Gov.Rick Snyder.If approved by Gov.Snyder the funding will replace more than 18,000 water pipelines, which all the pipelines will be replaced by the year 2020.

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