Martine Elyse Philippe Shares Her Insight How Art Education Has a Positive Impact In The Community

by Raheem Karim

A trained dancer,  Martine Elyse Philippe discusses how art education can uplift a underserved communities. She began her arts administration career with the City of Atlanta whereby she developed dance curriculum and went on to serve as Cultural Affairs Project Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. She was also Executive Director of Atlanta’s Resource for Entertainment & Arts.

With more than 15 years experience Martine Elyse Philippe shares her insights about art and culture, along with her experience as a trained professional dancer.

According to a release from Dallas city manager T.C. Broadnax, Philippe has been appointed Director of the Office of Arts & Culture in the city of Dallas, TX starting December 5th.

Martine will bring a lot of positive energy as you can see from the interview.   We had a great time discussing her background and the legacy she wants leave behind.

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